Jan 7, 2020 - SemiQ (previously Global Power) announces the release to production of its new 3rd generation SiC Diode Family featuring blocking voltages of 650V, 1200V and 1700V with forward current starting at 8 amps up to 50 A per chip. Packages include TO-220-2L, TO-220-3L, TO-247-2L, TO-247-3L, SOT-227, TO-263 as well as bare die.

These Gen 3 product represents a huge improvement in reliability, device ruggedness, surge current capability, and moisture resistance. Extensive qualification testing includes over 12 million device hours of HTRB and H3TRB. All packaged devices are 100% tested for unclamped inductive load. As an additional benefit to the customer, SemiQ provides a robust and reliable, redundant supply chain, including 3+ suppliers of SiC substrates, 4+ suppliers of SiC EPI, 2 qualified SiC wafer fabs, and multiple sources for high volume packaging and testing.

SemiQ, Inc.

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What we do

SemiQ, Inc. designs, develops and manufactures Silicon Carbide (SiC) Power Semiconductors, SiC Power Modules, as well as SiC Epi Wafers. In addition, SemiQ's expertise in power conversion sub systems design is available to customers who want application support and help designing with SiC devices and modules.  SemiQ also offers semi-custom SiC Power Modules.

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