Device Engineer

Location: SemiQ, Inc. – Lake Forest, CA

Exciting opportunity to join SemiQ as a Device Engineer to lead our efforts in expanding the future of our Silicon Carbide Power Semiconductor company.

We have a small fast-moving team with minimal bureaucracy. SemiQ is a diverse, pre-IPO startup and is nearly 20% employee owned.

What will wow us: 

  • Being passionate about the future of Silicon Carbide power semiconductors and making your mark.
  • Highly motivated to succeed.
  • SiC Power Semiconductor design experience.


  • Knowledge of and experience in developing semiconductor devices, specifically devices in Silicon Carbide.
  • Must have both process engineering experience and device design experience in high volume semiconductor wafer fabs.
  • Must know power semiconductor device physics and theory.
  • Knowledge of device reliability.
  • Experience trouble shooting technical problems.
  • Experience with SiC Power Devices very helpful but not absolutely required.
  • Experience with techniques to do rapid product development and to achieve fast time to market.
  • Experience with device testing and characterization.
  • Contribution to patent disclosures very helpful.
  • Master’s degree with 3-4 years Power Semiconductor experience or PhD with 1-2 years Power Semiconductor experience.


  • Responsible for drawing layout for MOSFET and Diode.
  • Design Spice model for MOSFET and Diode.
  • Develop new cell design to enable next generation of power devices.
  • Responsible for failure analysis by 2D/3D TCAD simulation tools.
  • Will work with the SiC Device Development Team to create and put into volume production state of the art, high voltage SiC Diodes and SiC MOSFETs.
  • Responsible for device reliability, especially to do with SiC MOS gate oxide, and how design as well as device screening impacts reliability.
  • Responsible for organizing Diode and MOSFET die sales at SemiQ.
  • Responsible for defining and tracking CDs and process control monitor data in the foundry and correlating it to material parameters and wafer level performance data.
  • Provide technical input on device performance, product quality and yields.
  • Make technical contributions to projects requiring fast time to market.
  • Responsible for knowing and understanding competitors’ devices and technologies.
  • Responsible for maintaining relationships with key wafer fab vendors and assembly subcontractors.
  • Responsible for technical project engineering to take the company from a start- up to a technology and market leader.

SemiQ offers a competitive salary, comprehensive benefits package, and a stimulating work environment that fosters innovation and career growth. Join our dynamic team of industry experts and contribute to the advancement of semiconductor technology.