Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Chooses SemiQ’s Silicon Carbide Device for Particle Accelerator Project

Mar 8, 2023 | Media

Livermore, CA and Lake Forest, CA March 7, 2023 – Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has chosen SemiQ, Inc. to supply Silicon Carbide diodes for an ongoing particle accelerator project.

SemiQ developed its top-side solderable 1200V 10A silicon carbide diode in a SMC package to withstand continuous high current pulse operation at 15 times rated current. The diodes are used as a snubber circuit and energy discharge circuit; with 60 devices in parallel on a single pulser board with high packing density.

The accelerator will enable X-ray images which can be used to certify the safety, security and effectiveness of modernized nuclear warheads without nuclear testing.

Michael Robinson, President and General Manager at SemiQ said “SemiQ is excited to be working with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory on this very important and cutting edge project.”

About SemiQ

SemiQ designs, develops and manufactures Silicon Carbide (SiC) Power Semiconductors as well as 150mm SiC epitaxial wafers. SiC Diodes and MOSFETs are available in both discrete and module form factors as well as bare die and wafer form. SemiQ also offers power conversion application expertise which includes sub-system design and semi-custom modules. SemiQ serves the following end markets: Electric Vehicle Chargers and Charging Stations; Power Factor Correction (PFC); Output Rectification; Power Supplies including Server Farms; Solar Panel Inverters, Welding, Medical Equipment; and Motor Drives. SemiQ’s manufacturing and engineering facilities are located in Lake Forest, California. The company is uniquely positioned with a fully redundant SiC supply chain.

About Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

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